Local Area Map

Barnacles Dolphin Centre

Hand feed the rare Indo-Pacific Dolphin's in Tin Can Bay with Barnacles Dolphin Centre. It is an amazing experience!

The dolphins generally arrive early so plan to be there some time between 7.00 and 8.00am. On arrival visitors are welcome to join the volunteers in the water and get to know these beautiful mammals.

The Snack Shack

Cafe and Burger Restaurant. Enjoy fresh local seafood cooked to your liking.

Marina Bar and Grill

Ideally located adjacent to the Marina Villas Marina Bar & Grill is the perfect location to sit back and enjoy the view with a beautiful meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Maybe just coffee and cake or a cold beer/wine is your choice we are here to be enjoyed.

Bird Watching

Whether a professional student of ornithology, an ardent “birdo” wishing to add more ticks to his list, or just an amateur wishing to "bird" in peace and solitude, you will find your wish fulfilled in Cooloola.

Tin Can Bay Country Club

You are assured of a welcome at the Tin Can Bay Country Club. We cater for all ages and especially welcome visitors from outside the area. Our friendly staff are on hand to serve you in our Chinese Restaurant or cool drinks in the bar areas where you can meet with your friends and relax in the climate controlled rooms at the Tin Can Bay Country Club.

Feel like a round of golf or bowls? For more information on golf days and competitions contact reception and we can organise it all for you.

Location: Tin Can Bay Road, Tin Can Bay

Temptations by the Water

Cafe, Gallery and BYO.Come sit and enjoy one of the best veiws in town and enjoy from our selection of local seafood and other tempting items from our new menu.

Tin Can Bay Boat Hire

Come explore Tin Can Bay and the Great Sandy Straits in style with Tin Can Bay Boat Hire! Climb aboard one of our well appointed hire Vessels for a great day on the water! Tin Can Bay Boat Hire has vessels to suit families, couples and the most diehard fishing enthusiast.